Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Story So Far...


I started working on TCH about four years ago, and actually had the core rules, art, and layout finished about three years ago; not bad time. But, y'know, life intervenes; and after a ton of the best & most worthwhile distractions a man can ask for, I'm getting back on track with publishing this game.

Here are the basics (most of which is covered on the front page of the blog):

*TCH is hero role-playing set around the golden age of the genre (late 30s to just past WWII). There is less focus on history than the spirit and recurring themes in those early comics. More fiction than science, and more action than drama. The major themes found in the golden age comics are hardwired in to the system, giving it a fun-loving high-spirited feel.

*Task resolution is based on throwing coins, not dice. This is my hook, and my favorite part of the game. The core mechanic is based on a stack of ten pennies (hey-like the title of the game) and goes from there.

*The game mechanics allow for a wide range character of different power levels to play at the same time. Its not uncommon for superhuman powerhouses and nonpowered mystery men to fight side-by-side and both be effective (in their own ways).

*There is a long list of powers; each one customizable to help distinguish one character concept from another. The powers are also seperated into categories which helps focus power selection and character creation.

Though I've conducted several playtests with friends over the years, I've got a new semi-permanent playtest group set up here in Norfolk, VA to test out the rules. About half of the group was recruited at my local game shop and are totally new to me and the game. The rest are old to me; new to the game.

My friend Win is running playtests in Jacksonville, Fl. with a bunch of people I don't know and who don't know me. This is great, because I can't think of anything more important as a designer than the knowledge that my game works without me being involved in it.

So, I'll post more about the game soon: art samples, section samples, playtests reports, etc.

Until then, take care,


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Winfield H. Strock III said...

I've playtested TCH. The rules offer diversity of characters and ease of play. This second characteristic allows players to immerse themselves deeper into their roles and story.